One of the things we are most proud of is the kind comments our patients have made about us. We strive to exceed patient expectations, and it's always nice to hear when we have succeeded.

by Robert U. (3/3/2021 8:21 AM)

by Jason D. (3/1/2021 7:35 AM)

by Jason D. (3/1/2021 7:35 AM)

Great cleaning, great staff, always an excellent appointment.

by Debra M. (2/25/2021 7:40 PM)

World’s Greatest Dentist. Period

by Mark Z. (2/24/2021 10:40 PM)

by Troy H. (2/24/2021 7:14 PM)

by Linda J. (2/24/2021 6:36 PM)

by John V. (2/24/2021 6:31 PM)

by Oliver W. (2/24/2021 6:31 PM)

by Megan A. (2/24/2021 6:31 PM)

by Durward G. (2/23/2021 8:04 PM)

Although my issue requires further testing to diagnose, Dr. Gordon provided clear possibilities and answered my many questions patiently and fully.

by Nancy O. (2/23/2021 6:34 PM)

by Anna W. (2/20/2021 6:31 PM)

amazing care

by Kam P. (2/17/2021 7:10 PM)

Great safe service

by James B. (2/17/2021 6:31 PM)

by Suzanne M. (2/13/2021 6:55 AM)

by Aleksei G. (2/11/2021 7:02 PM)

by Anna Rider H. (2/10/2021 9:04 PM)

by Erica B. (2/10/2021 7:14 PM)

by Nivas D. (2/9/2021 8:15 PM)

by Leslie V. (2/9/2021 7:20 PM)

by Ofelia S. (2/7/2021 11:17 AM)

by Alyssa V. (2/6/2021 6:31 PM)

by Leticia A. (2/6/2021 8:56 AM)

Excellent experience!

by Freddi G. (2/5/2021 6:42 PM)

My dental visit today was painless and very pleasant. They were on time and the room was very sterile. My chipped tooth looks perfect and feels great!

by Kyle S. (2/5/2021 6:38 PM)

Professionals as always.

by Maria M. (2/5/2021 6:31 PM)

by Mario H. (2/5/2021 6:46 AM)

Excellent as always! During this time of caution regarding the pandemic, the entire team is taking great care to look out for the safety of all.

by John K. (2/4/2021 10:08 AM)

Wow! Dr. Gordon is very thorough with his examination. Extremely helpful, and assisted me in understanding what needs to be done to restore my smile!!!

by Rachel G. (2/4/2021 6:49 AM)

Very good. Dr. Gordon repaired my bridge in very good order.

by Jack S. (2/2/2021 7:58 AM)

Dr. Gordon and his entire staff are all top notch with care, knowledge, accommodations, professionalism and kindness. The Dr. has worked on repairing my teeth for over a year. This practice makes me want to keep going back. I don't dread going to the dentist anymore but instead I look forward to going. My teeth are so much healthier now.

by Amy B. (1/29/2021 10:20 PM)

by James T. (1/29/2021 8:21 PM)

by Kristi C. (1/29/2021 8:03 PM)

by Tatyana G. (1/29/2021 6:42 PM)

by Wilmar L. (1/29/2021 9:05 AM)

Had to get use to a new hygienist different than Delia

by Sheila B. (1/28/2021 8:03 PM)

Everything was terrific from the office manager, Natasha to the dental assistant Vanessa to Dr. Gordon. This practice is the best dental practice I've ever gone to. I will stay a patient of theirs forever.

by Amy B. (1/23/2021 12:05 PM)

Everything was terrific from the office manager, Natasha to the dental assistant Vanessa to Dr. Gordon. This practice is the best dental practice I've ever gone to. I will stay a patient of theirs forever.

by Amy B. (1/23/2021 12:05 PM)

Love Dr. Gordon’s new hygienist Carla!! She was so kind meticulous and thoughtful through my cleaning cleaning and she did an excellent teeth cleaning!!

by Rhonda G. (1/23/2021 4:19 AM)

by Bennett B. (1/22/2021 9:01 PM)

Superb dental care for a half century. =

by Dana P. (1/22/2021 12:13 PM)

Superb dental care for a half century. =

by Dana P. (1/22/2021 12:13 PM)

Superb dental care for a half century. =

by Dana P. (1/22/2021 12:13 PM)

Maria is a gem -- thorough, gentle, explains everything.

by Paul F. (1/22/2021 8:27 AM)

by Genevieve J. (1/21/2021 10:04 PM)

by Paulette M. (1/20/2021 7:43 PM)


by William S. (1/20/2021 6:58 PM)

by Anatoley P. (1/20/2021 6:52 PM)

Great. My pain is gone, tooth fixed without further pain, and extremely fast and pleasant visit. The view of millennium park from my chair was a bonus:)

by James T. (1/20/2021 8:58 AM)

Excellent service

by Jonathan L. (1/19/2021 7:03 PM)

by Scott Z. (1/19/2021 1:45 PM)

by Micah K. (1/16/2021 6:38 PM)

Takes care of their patients! Very Covid aware and keeping us safe!

by Emily S. (1/16/2021 6:35 PM)

All my visits have been great over the years that I have been seeing Dr Gordon, but this one was even more special since one of my front teeth got chipped in a recent home accident. Not only did Dr Gordon quickly fit me into his busy schedule but he managed to fix it during the visit without capping it which would have entailed additional visits and significant cost. I happily walked out of his office with my smile back. I just wish there were more stars I could give him!!!

by Vincent C. (1/16/2021 7:17 AM)

by Santiago M. (1/15/2021 6:48 PM)

Very professional, as always!

by Martin S. (1/15/2021 4:24 PM)

by Jordan T. (1/14/2021 8:17 PM)

by Terry B. (1/13/2021 6:31 PM)

Always great care.

by David S. (1/13/2021 9:34 AM)

Great view out the window! Easy appointment, everyone is so knowledgeable! Thanks

by Stephen G. (1/12/2021 5:58 AM)

by Ruth C. (12/24/2020 9:08 AM)

by Paulette M. (12/22/2020 6:51 PM)

I appreciate Dr. Gordon’s expertise and professionalism. Also love how he explains everything he does step by step as he’s doing it instead of just going to town in my mouth. I trust him and would recommend him to others.

by Aisha J. (12/22/2020 6:33 PM)

Dr Gordon &Staff are amazing

by Veronica B. (12/22/2020 6:33 PM)

Service was excellent From Natasha's professionalim to the quality of care Maria gave as a dental hygienist.

by Virginia C. (12/21/2020 6:34 PM)

Doing such a great job at keeping us safe!!!

by Emily S. (12/19/2020 6:32 PM)

Amazing! My hygienist Carla did an amazing job, I’m very happy with my cleaning!

by Olivia N. (12/18/2020 6:53 PM)

by James G. (12/18/2020 6:31 PM)

by Judith P. (12/16/2020 7:24 PM)

You guys are all so patient with me, my pain, and my anxiety. Plus you have all of the right procedures in place for Covid. Thank you!

by Jennifer B. (12/15/2020 7:11 PM)

Dr. Gordon really knows how to make a patient feel comfortable and in good hands. He is beyond professional and explains every step of the procedure. So thankful I was referred to him.

by Janessa C. (12/14/2020 6:53 PM)

by Mark K. (12/10/2020 4:32 AM)

Great visit. Everyone is very welcoming. Kyle did a great job cleaning my teeth and explaining how to take better care of them. Thanks everyone!

by Patricia M. (12/8/2020 6:33 PM)

My dental visit today with Dr Gordon was great!

by Elma B. (12/7/2020 8:50 PM)

by Yolanda W. (12/4/2020 6:42 PM)

by Mark Z. (12/3/2020 6:32 PM)

by Dora E. (12/2/2020 7:36 PM)

by Sara A. (12/2/2020 6:56 PM)

I have always been satisfied with my visits to the dentist but today was even better I appreciate the attention and service that I get from Dr Gordon and his staff they make you feel very special

by Barbara P. (12/2/2020 6:49 PM)

Very efficient!

by Deborah F. (12/1/2020 9:42 PM)

by JoAnn Shrier G. (12/1/2020 6:31 PM)


by Vincent C. (11/21/2020 12:05 AM)

Great visit per usual with Dr. Gordon. Felt very safe in the office and it was clear they were taking extreme measures to address Covid and any concerns a patient might have. This was very impressive. I also appreciated how fast I was able to get in to see the doctor - only one day after calling was I seen. This was much appreciated.

by Jared D. (11/20/2020 3:34 AM)

by Rhonda G. (11/19/2020 2:29 PM)

Five stars! Thanks for your careful attention to health safety during this pandemic, and special attention to the health and cleanliness of my teeth!????

by Erica M. (11/19/2020 11:10 AM)

by Esperanza J. (11/18/2020 8:30 PM)

Felt very well cared for and appreciated all the safety precautions.

by Kate F. (11/17/2020 11:14 PM)

Great visit. Safe, efficient and friendly. As always

by Mark Z. (11/17/2020 6:37 PM)

I am a new patient who had an emergency visit with Dr, Gordon. He calmly and professionally explained my procedure. I felt absolutely no pain and he swiftly took care of my tooth. The office was very clean and followed all safety protocols. Thank you for your wonderful care!

by Mary S. (11/16/2020 7:07 PM)

by Kiril D. (11/16/2020 6:56 PM)

by Erica B. (11/13/2020 6:36 PM)

by Joni V. (11/12/2020 7:45 PM)

Professional, thorough, caring and friendly staff. Excellent Covid precautions. Have been a patient for almost 40 years.

by Barbara P. (11/12/2020 7:32 PM)

by Kristi C. (11/11/2020 6:53 PM)

Very Professional, Pleasant, friendly, and caring experience..

by Susie M. (11/11/2020 6:34 PM)

Fantasti c

by Stanley M. (11/11/2020 6:34 PM)

by Mark K. (11/11/2020 6:21 AM)

Kyle is amazing as always!!

by Maryanna K. (11/10/2020 7:02 PM)

I was so happy to be at the dentist today. They take such wonderful wonderful precaution and they are just pleasant people to help you with your dental work thank you so much for today all is well here

by Ellen B. (11/10/2020 6:37 PM)