One of the things we are most proud of is the kind comments our patients have made about us. We strive to exceed patient expectations, and it's always nice to hear when we have succeeded.

by Lynn S. (8/7/2020 7:14 PM)

by Rachel S. (8/7/2020 5:54 PM)

by Carol W. (8/7/2020 6:05 AM)

by Nathan L. (8/4/2020 6:33 PM)

by Esperanza J. (8/1/2020 9:18 PM)

by John S. (7/31/2020 5:39 PM)

The best!!!!

by Lynne G. (7/30/2020 5:55 PM)

by Bennett B. (7/29/2020 5:30 PM)

by David B. (7/29/2020 5:40 AM)

It was great to see you guys again!

by John K. (7/28/2020 5:47 PM)

by Casandra G. (7/28/2020 2:39 PM)

Delia is simply the BEST Dental Hygienist(DH) on the planet! Delia has been my DH for two decades; she uses her stellar knowledge both in practice, and to educate, with much expertise. Delia’s competence is “off the charts”. Dental Patient: Dr. A. D.Henderson

by Angela H. (7/27/2020 5:50 PM)

Excellent service, as always

by Tatyana G. (7/25/2020 6:19 PM)

5 out of 5 Star Safety and Service.

by Richard R. (7/25/2020 5:33 PM)

by David S. (7/24/2020 1:47 AM)

by Christina K. (7/23/2020 6:59 PM)

Thanks for a great cleaning and putting very safe procedures in place. We appreciate all of the extra care.

by Christina K. (7/23/2020 6:59 PM)

Excellent. Great care was taken to use all precautions against Covid virus. Dr. Gordon and staff are efficient and gracious. Because of them I always enjoy going to the dentist. And there was no discomfort. I highly recommend this dental practice.

by Freddi G. (7/23/2020 6:26 PM)

by JoAnn Shrier G. (7/23/2020 5:37 PM)

Always the best

by Bert G. (7/22/2020 5:31 PM)

by Nathan L. (7/20/2020 7:40 PM)

by Christina G. (7/18/2020 5:34 PM)

by Ofelia S. (7/18/2020 5:31 PM)

It is impressive to see the level of care and protection that Dr Gordon has created for his office! The protocol, the special air purification devices and even the triple layer of masking for hygienist Delia! Not only that they are the best if the best professionals but responsible and caring people!

by Radosveta D. (7/17/2020 6:03 AM)

The services were great but i was totally surprised by the cost of the services as well as the fact that my insurance company wasn't billed or even a payment wasn't offered to me.

by Felicia R. (7/16/2020 7:14 PM)

The services were great but i was totally surprised by the cost of the services as well as the fact that my insurance company wasn't billed or even a payment wasn't offered to me.

by Felicia R. (7/16/2020 7:14 PM)

Outstanding! The new ppe equipment is great. I felt very comfortable

by Kimberly C. (7/16/2020 6:04 PM)

by Richard G. (7/11/2020 5:28 AM)

by Scott Z. (7/10/2020 6:57 PM)

by Yue D. (7/10/2020 5:54 PM)

by Katelyn C. (7/10/2020 5:49 PM)

by Christina G. (7/10/2020 5:46 PM)

Delia is the best, explaining how dental care works and thoroughly cleaning the entire dental areas.

by Stephen G. (7/10/2020 5:32 PM)

Excellent dental care. The staff has taken considerable steps to protect their customers during the pandemic.

by Martin S. (7/9/2020 6:36 PM)

Good Dentist Dr. Gordon he really care about your teeth. Thank You So Much

by Hermeyne G. (7/8/2020 6:29 PM)

Everyone is always so accommodating and friendly. Thank you Dr Gordon for taking such good care of my mouth!!

by Leah J. (7/7/2020 6:58 PM)

by Hermeyne G. (7/7/2020 4:37 AM)

by Sheryl S. (7/6/2020 5:55 PM)

Awesome supper excellent DR Gordon and Delia. The Best in America. God Bless Them.????

by Parwaz E. (7/6/2020 5:42 PM)

It was all great!

by Anna K. (6/26/2020 9:51 AM)

by Judith P. (6/25/2020 9:31 PM)

by Paulette M. (6/25/2020 10:07 AM)

I couldn’t keep my mouth shut! Jaw Droppingly Fantastic! Thanks Madeleine Bill Drake

by William D. (6/24/2020 5:34 PM)

Everyone in this office is incredibly nice and helpful.

by Jennifer B. (6/24/2020 9:45 AM)

by Erica B. (6/23/2020 9:05 PM)

by Lara K. (6/23/2020 5:36 PM)

by Bethany J. (6/23/2020 5:31 PM)

All good! Delia is the best!!

by Neal H. (6/22/2020 7:16 PM)

by Jordan T. (6/22/2020 5:56 PM)

by Diane S. (6/22/2020 5:31 PM)

Visit was wonderful from start to finish. As always, thank you Dr. Gordon!

by Matthew S. (6/20/2020 10:53 AM)

I am a long-time loyal patient. Dr. Gordon and his wonderful team are as good as it gets in every respect.

by Richard R. (6/19/2020 6:06 PM)

by Andrew C. (6/18/2020 5:48 PM)

Delia as always did an extensive dental cleaning , she does above and beyond oral care . And I am very satisfied also with safety practices implemented to mitigate Covid transmission. The PPE used however is added cost to client .

by Anne P. (6/18/2020 5:38 PM)

Very clean. Efficient. Great experience!

by Ricki K. (6/17/2020 7:13 PM)

by Rhonda G. (6/16/2020 5:50 PM)

by Felicia R. (6/16/2020 8:16 AM)

Always informative, accommodating, and friendly. I had to get a touch up to a filling and Dr. Gordon took me in 15 minutes after I initially left the office. This was very much appreciated.

by Jared D. (6/16/2020 7:44 AM)


by Virginia C. (6/15/2020 6:19 PM)

by Juan A. (6/15/2020 5:38 PM)

Great service and personal.

by Raquel E. (6/15/2020 5:31 PM)

Natasha is always welcoming and friendly. Celia is the best!

by Gregory B. (6/15/2020 10:26 AM)

by Amy B. (6/13/2020 11:06 PM)

by Anatoley P. (6/13/2020 5:38 PM)

by Anatoley P. (6/13/2020 5:38 PM)

by Juan B. (6/13/2020 5:32 PM)

by Daniel P. (6/13/2020 6:16 AM)

by Danielle M. (6/12/2020 6:49 AM)

by Anna Rider H. (6/12/2020 6:43 AM)

by David K. (6/11/2020 5:31 PM)

by Jordan T. (6/10/2020 5:32 PM)

The visit was wonderful as always had a wonderful cleaning by Delia. Dr. Gordon is the best dentist I have ever had

by Ellen B. (6/8/2020 5:47 PM)

by Sam S. (6/6/2020 6:36 PM)

by Liudmila C. (6/5/2020 6:58 PM)

by Santiago M. (6/5/2020 5:33 PM)

by Valerie G. (6/5/2020 5:38 AM)

by Carl B. (5/27/2020 7:39 PM)

by John B. (5/27/2020 5:55 PM)

Thank you Doctor for seeing me, I really appreciate it.

by Leah J. (5/22/2020 5:44 AM)

As always it was a very good appt!! Dr. Gordon is very thorough and gentle enough that there are never tears. If he were taking patients I’d find him some more????

by Amy J. (5/14/2020 6:23 PM)

by Mary Jane T. (5/11/2020 7:26 PM)

The best!

by Sam S. (5/11/2020 5:31 PM)

Beautiful views of Millennium Park, fast, painless dentistry

by Stephen G. (3/17/2020 5:31 PM)

by Esperanza J. (3/8/2020 6:18 PM)

So impressive! Quick and efficient and no pain. Amazing!

by Theodore G. (3/4/2020 8:02 PM)

by Jordan T. (3/3/2020 8:26 PM)

Great Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Cory B. (3/3/2020 9:44 AM)

by Timothy D. (2/27/2020 8:19 PM)

Kyle is the best in the business. Top shelf.

by Matthew S. (2/26/2020 12:29 PM)

Professional, friendly service with a sincerely caring approach.

by Victoria L. (2/26/2020 8:24 AM)

Very good!

by Carol W. (2/20/2020 3:54 PM)

I don't have any way of knowing if Kyle is the best and hardest working dental hygienist there is. I havn't been anyplace else for the last 20 years.

by Paul Z. (2/20/2020 8:52 AM)

by Michael P. (2/20/2020 5:58 AM)

by Michael P. (2/19/2020 8:07 PM)

by Esperanza J. (2/18/2020 1:45 PM)

by Manuel R. (2/15/2020 8:59 PM)

by Eric R. (2/15/2020 5:04 AM)

by Michal M. (2/14/2020 6:34 AM)

Dr Gordon and his staff are so excellent in their treatment of their patients I really appreciate all that he does

by Barbara P. (2/13/2020 9:15 PM)

Best Dr Gordon. Best Dentists in this world. Awesome Hygienist Dilia. She is my life saver. Entire staff is Super.

by Parwaz E. (2/13/2020 9:05 PM)