One of the things we are most proud of is the kind comments our patients have made about us. We strive to exceed patient expectations, and it's always nice to hear when we have succeeded.

by Patricia V. (11/23/2021 9:06 AM)

by Patricia V. (11/23/2021 9:06 AM)

by Sheila S. (11/19/2021 5:41 AM)

Madeleine was great as usual

by Vincent C. (11/18/2021 7:48 PM)

by Nathan S. (11/18/2021 6:30 PM)

by Jonathan T. (11/18/2021 3:21 PM)

by Victoria D. (11/12/2021 5:02 PM)

by Michael P. (11/11/2021 10:27 PM)

by Diane J. (11/11/2021 8:02 PM)

by Stephen L. (11/11/2021 7:18 AM)

by Linda J. (11/10/2021 8:20 PM)

Hands down the best dentist I have ever seen. Great teeth cleaning, state of the art equipment and knowledgeable, experienced pros.

by William B. (11/10/2021 6:33 PM)

Thank you for you do for me.

by Conor A. (11/7/2021 5:11 AM)

by Cheryl H. (11/6/2021 5:38 PM)

by Martha K. (11/6/2021 5:35 AM)

As ever- THE VERY BEST !!!! ??????????

by Susan A. (11/4/2021 5:53 PM)

As always: extremely competent and friendly.

by Theodore G. (11/3/2021 5:36 PM)

by Patricia V. (11/3/2021 5:07 PM)

by Patricia V. (11/3/2021 5:07 PM)

by Linda J. (11/2/2021 7:28 PM)

by Michael P. (11/2/2021 6:00 PM)

by Meredith B. (11/2/2021 4:51 PM)

by Jeffrey G. (11/2/2021 3:53 PM)

by Jeannette J. (11/2/2021 3:10 PM)

by Serene W. (11/2/2021 1:29 PM)

by Anatoley P. (11/2/2021 12:09 PM)

by Ann Marie S. (11/2/2021 12:04 PM)

by Alaina S. (11/2/2021 11:50 AM)

by Cynthia W. (10/26/2021 11:42 AM)

Always very professional and Covid procedures are beyond anything else I’ve seen.

by Jennifer S. (10/22/2021 9:02 PM)

Dr. Gordon is fearless… “He looks gift horses in the mouth”. Kyle is Mozart…my teeth the piano keys…. Everyone is Fantastic… and the view onto the park and lake…priceless…

by Jerald D. (10/22/2021 2:25 PM)

by JoAnn Shrier G. (10/21/2021 9:14 AM)

by JoAnn Shrier G. (10/21/2021 9:14 AM)

Great experience! From the doctor to the staff super amazing. Thank you for making my visit comfortable…

by Aida D. (10/20/2021 5:51 PM)

by Kenneth L. (10/20/2021 5:12 AM)

Excellent. Madeline Is terrific!

by William D. (10/15/2021 2:30 PM)

Madeleine was my hygienist and she was superb. She has a very gentle touch while doing a thorough cleaning. She also was able to answer all my questions!

by Trudi L. (10/15/2021 6:50 AM)

by Moses L. (10/14/2021 6:51 PM)

by Christopher Z. (10/14/2021 5:58 PM)


by Beverly S. (10/14/2021 5:31 PM)

Wonderful job with my cleaning. Dr Gordon and his team are always attentive to every detail.

by Andrew G. (10/14/2021 6:36 AM)

by Elizabeth S. (10/13/2021 8:29 PM)

Best dentist and hygienist in Chicago. Period.

by Mark Z. (10/13/2021 11:29 AM)

Maria was excellent!!!

by Virgil V. (10/13/2021 8:26 AM)

Excellent service! Highly recommend.

by David O. (10/10/2021 7:11 AM)

by Massimiliano G. (10/10/2021 5:51 AM)

Dr. Gordon and his staff are the best. A place where you and your teeth are treated like family.

by Michael S. (10/9/2021 6:06 PM)

Dr. Gordon is a very professional dentist. His works is precise, swift and effective. He put on my crown yesterday, need no adjustments and I was out of his office in 25 minutes.

by Kenneth T. (10/9/2021 8:03 AM)

by Annot S. (10/8/2021 1:10 AM)

by Aedan M. (10/7/2021 8:18 PM)

You guys are so good, can’t wait to get another cleaning!!

by Anatoley P. (10/7/2021 5:50 PM)

by Xiao Xin W. (10/7/2021 5:31 PM)

by J. Thomas M. (10/6/2021 8:38 PM)

I was not seeking to replace my current dentist, mainly because I am a loyal patient. Yet I do have specific health issues which are directly affected by my Oral health tremendously. After having my consultation I believe I have found the Dentist who is able to bridge the gap that I desperately need to render a much sought beautiful smile and providing me with a wealth of knowledge that comes only come from a well versed, compassionate professional— Thank you Dr Stephen Gordon of Dentistry at Millennium Park.!!!

by Phyllis S. (10/6/2021 6:39 PM)

by Danielle M. (10/4/2021 2:33 PM)

by Joel G. (10/2/2021 8:00 AM)

by Eric R. (10/2/2021 3:09 AM)

by Varda G. (10/1/2021 7:25 AM)

by Maryanna K. (10/1/2021 5:24 AM)

by Freddi G. (9/30/2021 7:37 PM)

by Mary P. (9/30/2021 5:31 PM)

Dr. Stephen Gordon is one of the best dentist that I have encountered. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good dentist.

by Michael M. (9/28/2021 9:01 PM)

by Richard V. (9/28/2021 3:07 PM)

by Richard V. (9/28/2021 3:07 PM)

by Richard V. (9/28/2021 3:07 PM)

by Richard S. (9/28/2021 6:22 AM)

Great to see Kyle! Thanks to Steve as well.

by Lisa S. (9/27/2021 7:49 AM)

by Michael P. (9/27/2021 5:18 AM)

Dr. Gordon is the best dentist that I have ever had. My dentist visit are always pleasant.

by Pamela C. (9/25/2021 6:51 AM)

by David B. (9/24/2021 8:23 PM)

by Richard V. (9/24/2021 6:16 AM)

Dr. Gordon performed the procedures on my teeth effectively, efficiently and with care. Excellent service!

by Kenneth T. (9/23/2021 8:24 PM)

Madeline gave the best cleaning, as always! :)

by Natasha E. (9/23/2021 6:54 PM)

Excellent service just like every other time!

by Latricia R. (9/23/2021 6:02 PM)

Just a great dentist. Second to none.

by Michael M. (9/23/2021 5:31 PM)

by Linda J. S. (9/23/2021 5:38 AM)

Madeline is a fabulous hygienist!!! Thorough, kind and so precise! The best!!

by Rhonda G. (9/23/2021 4:15 AM)

by Rakesh G. (9/22/2021 6:15 PM)

by Debra M. (9/22/2021 5:26 AM)

by Deborah M. (9/21/2021 7:42 PM)

by Anatoley P. (9/20/2021 5:31 PM)

by David S. (9/18/2021 8:28 AM)

by Susie M. (9/16/2021 5:32 PM)

by Rhonda G. (9/15/2021 5:05 AM)

Great service would recommend

by James B. (9/14/2021 6:46 PM)

Thank you!!

by John D. (9/14/2021 6:36 PM)

by Jeanette C. (9/13/2021 6:01 PM)

by Jeanette C. (9/13/2021 6:01 PM)

by Marissa A. (9/13/2021 6:00 PM)

by Kiril D. (9/12/2021 6:04 AM)

by William H. (9/11/2021 7:59 PM)

Very friendly staff and carla was excellent

by Gwendolyn B. (9/10/2021 8:14 PM)

by Nancy T. (9/10/2021 6:12 PM)

My dental hygienist is the BEST in the world!!

by Charles T. (9/9/2021 5:37 PM)

Dr. Gordon is very good and very thorough in his craft. I consider one of the best dentist I have ever had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a dentist.

by Michael M. (9/8/2021 6:13 PM)

by Rachel S. (9/7/2021 5:35 PM)

by Moses Z. (9/7/2021 5:31 PM)

Dr Gordon always explains what he is doing so you know what to expect. He and his staff are fantastic. I highly recommend.

by Tammy W. (9/7/2021 9:02 AM)

by Colleen C. (9/1/2021 5:43 PM)

Dr. Gordon and the staff have definitely made my visit an enjoyable and pleasant one. Appreciated the care and attention I received.

by Jeanette C. (8/27/2021 4:22 AM)