One of the things we are most proud of is the kind comments our patients have made about us. We strive to exceed patient expectations, and it's always nice to hear when we have succeeded.

Always excellent. Took me in on time, even though, they were short staffed and answered all my concerns.

by Rajen M. (1/24/2022 10:06 PM)

by Gary K. (1/21/2022 8:03 AM)

by Gary K. (1/21/2022 8:03 AM)

by Jim B. (1/20/2022 12:52 PM)

by Jim B. (1/20/2022 12:52 PM)

by Jim B. (1/20/2022 12:52 PM)

by Jim B. (1/20/2022 12:52 PM)

by Derek H. (1/19/2022 6:31 PM)


by Norma C. (1/18/2022 10:53 AM)


by Norma C. (1/18/2022 10:53 AM)

by Gergana D. (1/17/2022 7:09 PM)

completing a crown is the easiest of all . No shots. very little drilling Good visit

by Sharon M. (1/17/2022 7:01 PM)

Dr. Dave’ is a tremendously caring and gifted dentist. I’m now in my 60’s and I have been dental patient of hers for nearly 30 years. She has helped me strengthen my gums and keep my own natural teeth by doing extraordinary work over these many years. She personally performs all teeth cleaning sessions and dental exams - with exceptional skill. I highly recommend her practice and all her very kind, caring dental assistants, too!

by Leigh H. (1/14/2022 9:05 PM)

The facility is so clean and Dr. Dave explains everything she’s doing, and makes sure you’re comfortable. The people that work there are so nice - you can tell they all like & respect each other.

by Koban B. (1/14/2022 6:17 AM)

by Wendy W. (1/13/2022 6:31 PM)

This dentist is amazing. I have never been to a dentist that was painless until Dr. Davi. Thanks to the whole team.

by Carla T. (1/12/2022 8:16 PM)

by Kristina Z. (1/12/2022 6:31 PM)

Claudia is great and Dr. Dave’ is very informative and knowledgeable for your well-being ??

by Harry S. (1/11/2022 6:45 PM)

by Luis P. (1/11/2022 6:32 PM)

by Thomas S. (1/10/2022 8:36 PM)

it was quick & Dr cave me the info I needed

by Sharon M. (1/10/2022 6:43 PM)

by Rajayalakshmi S. (1/4/2022 7:52 PM)

Dr. Dave and her entire staff always do a wonderful job for me and my family. Their office is inviting and welcoming for all. Service is excellent. Dr. Dave is gentle yet firm at the same time. Office is extremely clean and nicely decorated. Staff are all pleasant and listen to and address any issues I have. Thanks for years of great service. I highly recommend Dr. Dave and her team!!!

by Elaina W. (1/3/2022 9:24 PM)

by Sharon B. (1/3/2022 9:13 PM)

by Kimberly S. (1/3/2022 6:54 PM)

As aways!

by John P. (1/3/2022 11:03 AM)

excellent service by Dr. Urvi Dave and also all her staff. very punctual, prompt, clean, caring and professional. Dr. Dave is very innovative. She saved my teeth I would have lost otherwise. thank you.

by Leena R. (12/30/2021 1:06 PM)

Professional staff. Very happy with this office

by Loren P. (12/29/2021 6:34 PM)

Professional staff. Very happy with this office

by Loren P. (12/29/2021 6:34 PM)

by Cheryl W. (12/29/2021 6:31 PM)


by Harry S. (12/29/2021 9:23 AM)

Great as always.

by Steve D. (12/28/2021 9:28 PM)

by Sheila H. (12/28/2021 8:14 PM)

by Debra D. (12/28/2021 7:23 PM)

by Wendy W. (12/28/2021 6:59 PM)

Its always a great visit! Dr. Dave is very gentle compare to other dentists and hygienists and the assistant Claudia is the best 10/10!

by America R. (12/28/2021 9:18 AM)

by Hazel V E. (12/27/2021 8:16 PM)

Doctor Davi is by far the best Dentist.

by Tony R. (12/27/2021 8:05 PM)

I’ve been a patient for 17 years! Dr. Dave has taken

by Linda C. (12/27/2021 8:04 PM)

Dr Urvi is meticulous and skilled. She is a dentist you can trust with your dental care.

by Mary P. (12/27/2021 6:40 PM)

by Vanessa S. (12/27/2021 6:31 PM)

by James A. (12/23/2021 10:24 AM)

by Andrew S. (12/22/2021 8:32 PM)

by Andrew S. (12/22/2021 8:32 PM)

Excellent care!!

by Richard W. (12/22/2021 8:20 PM)

by Susan L. (12/22/2021 7:36 PM)

Dr. Davi and staff are fun to be with and I have enjoyed the excellent service for years. Dr. Davi said to call anytime I have an issue.

by Janet L. (12/22/2021 7:11 PM)

by June F. (12/22/2021 9:31 AM)

by Rajayalakshmi S. (12/21/2021 8:14 PM)

As always my visit was great. Dr. Dave is personable and thorough when I come in. Her staff makes you feel very welcome. The office is extremely clean and all staff wear masks! No one LOVES going to the dentist but Dr. Dave definitely makes the experience a nice one

by Koban B. (12/21/2021 7:58 PM)

Quite satisfactory.

by Narayan O. (12/20/2021 7:58 PM)

Quite satisfactory.

by Narayan O. (12/20/2021 7:58 PM)

by Cecilia R. (12/20/2021 7:35 PM)

Dr. Dave is a wonderful dentist!

by Sheri L. (12/16/2021 7:04 PM)

by Lisa A. (12/16/2021 6:59 PM)

by Michael W. (12/16/2021 7:15 AM)

by Patricia P. (12/14/2021 7:10 PM)

Dr. Urvi is amazing... She is my dentist for the last 17+ years...

by Anil A. (12/14/2021 6:37 PM)

by Emilio C. (12/14/2021 12:33 PM)

Doctor Dave is great. Everything is safe, fast and easy.

by Rick M. (12/13/2021 7:26 PM)

Q and Dr. Dave' are wonderful and very Good!

by Harry S. (12/10/2021 7:47 AM)

Dr Dave is kind, though & professional. I stopped going to her for 5 years & she welcomed me back with open arms

by Sharon M. (12/9/2021 4:44 PM)

by Pamela L. (12/9/2021 7:21 AM)

by Ashok D. (12/8/2021 6:34 PM)

by Ashok D. (12/8/2021 6:34 PM)

As always, superb service and a truly great staff. Thanks for everything. I owe my smile to you. ??

by Shirley S. (12/7/2021 8:09 PM)

by Patricia P. (12/6/2021 6:40 PM)

by Ankit S. (12/6/2021 6:35 PM)

Great as Always!

by Harry S. (12/3/2021 6:37 AM)

by Andre M. (12/1/2021 7:38 AM)

She is always excellent!

by Emilio C. (11/30/2021 9:43 AM)

by Celia R. (11/29/2021 7:29 PM)

Dr. Dave and her staff are fabulous! I had an emergency and they got me in in 15 min and took care of it. So professional and caring. What a great dental practice! I highly recommend North Valley Dentistry!

by Inga L. (11/29/2021 6:42 PM)

by Kalluri S. (11/24/2021 2:43 PM)

by Kalluri S. (11/24/2021 2:43 PM)

by Kalluri S. (11/24/2021 2:43 PM)

by Mark B. (11/24/2021 10:27 AM)

Dr. Davi and her staff are amazing! They are caring, friendly, professional, and always take extra care with my sensitive teeth.

by Debra S. (11/24/2021 8:17 AM)

by Dan G. (11/23/2021 9:10 PM)

by Sarah J. (11/23/2021 6:51 PM)

Great Doc, Great Staff and you feel safe.

by Rick M. (11/23/2021 6:47 PM)

by Nihar D. (11/23/2021 6:35 PM)

by Cynthia W. (11/22/2021 8:04 PM)

I was expecting a meeting to come up with a plan since it has been 5 years since I've been in their office. We cam up with a plan & I had my teeth cleaned

by Sharon M. (11/22/2021 6:37 PM)

Thank you!!

by Richard W. (11/22/2021 6:31 PM)

by Gita R. (11/22/2021 3:17 PM)

Always a pleasure!

by Julie G. (11/18/2021 7:42 PM)

Awesome team if professionals

by Nutan P. (11/17/2021 7:50 PM)

by Orlando S. (11/17/2021 6:40 PM)

by Emilio C. (11/17/2021 6:31 PM)

by Sheri L. (11/16/2021 7:46 PM)

by Stephanie M. (11/16/2021 8:03 AM)

by Emily B. (11/11/2021 11:59 AM)

by Esperanza O. (11/10/2021 7:19 PM)

Excellent service

by Nutan P. (11/10/2021 9:58 AM)

Excellent root canal and temporary crown experience! No pain. Great staff. The doctor is a wizard at cosmetic dentistry.

by Sarah J. (11/9/2021 6:48 PM)

Excellent root canal and temporary crown experience! No pain. Great staff. The doctor is a wizard at cosmetic dentistry.

by Sarah J. (11/9/2021 6:48 PM)

by Julie G. (11/8/2021 6:48 PM)

Always Great!!

by Harry S. (11/4/2021 6:42 PM)

Excellent visit! Everyone was very professional and friendly. I had a root canal and they made it as painless and easy as possible. I was very comfortable.

by Sarah J. (11/4/2021 8:00 AM)