One of the things we are most proud of is the kind comments our patients have made about us. We strive to exceed patient expectations, and it's always nice to hear when we have succeeded.

I have been using Dr. Dave for I'd estimate 30 years, I would have no other dentist!

by Leon D. (12/3/2022 4:40 PM)

by Constance K. (12/1/2022 7:19 AM)

Best Dentist ever !

by Jeff S. (11/30/2022 5:32 PM)

We have been going to Dr Dave almost 30 years. She is an amazing dentist.

by Jacquelyn S. (11/29/2022 6:24 PM)

by Steve D. (11/29/2022 5:33 PM)

by Cherisa C. (11/29/2022 5:32 PM)

by Patrick L. (11/28/2022 5:44 PM)

As usual for the last 20+ years, everything was great.

by Cynthia W. (11/28/2022 5:33 PM)

by Swapna V. (11/25/2022 7:14 AM)

The best,and up to date dentist I’ve ever had

by Mari W. (11/25/2022 7:04 AM)

Dr. Dave and staff are the best. Been coming for years and will continue to come.

by Matthew L. (11/23/2022 6:55 AM)

by Asha N. (11/22/2022 6:17 PM)

by Debbie P. (11/22/2022 6:03 PM)

by Patrick L. (11/21/2022 6:09 PM)

Fast and painless. The 2 best things you can ask for in a dentist.

by Carla T. (11/19/2022 7:30 AM)

I LOVE my dentist! We moved to Texas but I refuse to get a dentist there. She’s 100% worth a trip back to Phoenix.

by Moriah L. (11/17/2022 6:11 PM)

by Arash V. (11/17/2022 6:11 PM)

The best dentist I’ve ever had! Listening to her explain dental health & options, reminds me of an extraordinary engineer that is very passionate about their profession. Would 100% recommend.

by Moriah L. (11/15/2022 6:55 PM)

I was able to get last minute appointments. Doctor has really good knowledge, caring staff. Very impressed by the service.

by Asha N. (11/15/2022 6:39 PM)

by Cassandra R. (11/14/2022 5:59 PM)

by James P. (11/14/2022 5:40 PM)

by James P. (11/14/2022 5:40 PM)

by Cheri T. (11/14/2022 5:39 PM)

by Cheri T. (11/14/2022 5:39 PM)

by Cheri T. (11/14/2022 5:39 PM)

by James P. (11/8/2022 1:15 PM)

by Maria L. (11/8/2022 1:34 AM)

by Leonard L. (11/3/2022 6:38 PM)

I’ve been a patient for thirty years, and although I moved more than twenty years ago, still drive 45 minutes each way to see Dr. Dave. She is worth it! I hear horror stories about other dentists, but Dr. Dave is gentle, thorough, and explains everything well. I highly recommend her!

by Judith N. (11/2/2022 5:56 PM)

by Randy K. (10/27/2022 7:35 PM)

by Jean K. (10/27/2022 11:53 AM)

Another fabulous visit with Dr. Dave. She is always warm and personable.

by John M. (10/26/2022 8:47 PM)

Love Dr Dave and her staff!

by Elizabeth M. (10/20/2022 9:35 PM)

Dr. Dave and her staff were very professional, paid great attention to detail while working on me, and were very thorough.

by Brian A. (10/20/2022 9:18 PM)

Great experience - fast, efficient, kind and caring. Pain free.

by Martha H. (10/20/2022 7:55 PM)

by Suresh U. (10/19/2022 6:42 PM)

Best dentist in Arizona! I have been a patient for 35 years!

by Rita K. (10/19/2022 6:35 PM)

by Margo V. (10/18/2022 7:38 PM)

Everything was perfect

by Michael R. (10/18/2022 6:49 PM)

by Teresa M. (10/17/2022 6:40 PM)

Best Dentist in the valley in my opinion. Highly recommend her practice. Her staff is top notch as well. I have my children going there now too.

by Saturnino D. (10/13/2022 11:06 AM)

I always feel good during my visits. Dr. Dave' and staff always make me feel comfortable and cared for.

by Patricia R. (10/12/2022 1:37 PM)

by Loretta R. (10/11/2022 2:35 PM)

by Margo V. (10/10/2022 6:46 PM)

Quick, kind and efficient.

by Mark E. (9/29/2022 9:36 AM)

Dr Davi is very gentle and very talented using the latest technology to ensure success with whatever she is doing. She also has a very talented staff that she works very well with. I would highly recommend her!

by Richard R. (9/28/2022 10:16 PM)

by Derek H. (9/28/2022 6:37 PM)

by Margo V. (9/28/2022 9:58 AM)

by Elio D. (9/28/2022 5:54 AM)

Great experience, professional staff, pain free.

by John M. (9/27/2022 1:47 PM)

by Karen S. (9/26/2022 6:51 PM)


by Patricia R. (9/26/2022 6:43 PM)

Very great

by Margo V. (9/21/2022 8:02 AM)

by Ryan K. (9/20/2022 6:32 PM)

by Julie G. (9/20/2022 9:43 AM)

by Slobodan J. (9/15/2022 7:27 PM)

by Rochelle L. (9/15/2022 6:41 PM)

I am 100% satisfied with Dr. Dave’s Dental Services

by Kalluri S. (9/14/2022 2:22 PM)

by Ashok D. (9/8/2022 9:45 AM)

Dr Dave and staff are always so great. Love this practice!’

by Theresa C. (9/8/2022 9:15 AM)

What a great practice! Really enjoyed meeting Dr Dave and her staff. I’m really pleased with the dental plan they have worked out for me.

by Elizabeth M. (9/7/2022 6:34 PM)

by Patricia R. (9/6/2022 6:32 PM)

The staff is very friendly, the lobby is comfortable with very little waiting time and Dr Dave is awesome

by Mark B. (8/31/2022 6:43 PM)

by Celia M. (8/31/2022 6:32 PM)

by Cortney S. (8/30/2022 7:04 PM)

by Constance K. (8/30/2022 10:22 AM)

Dr Urvi is amazing! I have had to visit her several times in the past few months, and I was never made to wait during any of my visits. She's prompt, knowledgeable, patient and thorough She's prompt, knowledgeable, patient and thorough with her work. The staff at her practice and the assistants are thorough professionals and very kind and courteous.

by Sushmaa M. (8/30/2022 9:31 AM)

While it's never a fun experience to visit the dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Dave based on her straightforwardness and attention to detail

by Cathy E. (8/23/2022 6:43 PM)

The very best of service so very caring!

by Margo V. (8/23/2022 2:52 PM)

by Joyce R. (8/23/2022 10:01 AM)

Doctor Dave makes the experience comfortable and educational.

by Rick M. (8/22/2022 6:42 PM)

by Robert E. (8/18/2022 7:26 AM)

by Marisela G. (8/16/2022 7:02 PM)

Very professional!!!!

by David L. (8/15/2022 9:23 PM)

Always pleased, especially since going to see the dentist isn’t my favorite outing! Thank you

by June F. (8/15/2022 6:38 PM)

by Kevin S. (8/15/2022 6:31 PM)

Dr Dave is a dentist who cares about her patients care. She has been instrumental in my learning to take better care of my teeth and gums.

by DJ R. (8/12/2022 8:38 AM)

by Guy B. (8/11/2022 8:25 PM)

Everything went well! Painless and test are back in good shape. Great staff.

by Michael R. (8/11/2022 8:00 PM)

Always great and professional !

by Emilio C. (8/11/2022 10:03 AM)

Great dentist. Great practice. Caring and efficient. She’s the best.

by Deborah G. (8/10/2022 7:40 PM)

Dr Davi is excellent. I don't know that I've met a more professional dentist who instills confidence in my life.

by Mark E. (8/9/2022 8:28 PM)

as usual fast efficient pleasant

by James C. (8/9/2022 8:50 AM)

by David M. (8/8/2022 7:07 PM)

by Roseanne B. (8/8/2022 6:31 PM)

by Ivaylo D. (8/8/2022 11:00 AM)

by Ivaylo D. (8/8/2022 11:00 AM)

She’s the best.

by Deborah G. (8/4/2022 8:23 PM)

Dr Dave and her office staff are truly involved in their patients’ health. They cut no corners and work with you for the best possible outcome. It is a joy to go to the dentist when you go to Dr Dave!

by Inga L. (8/4/2022 7:32 PM)

by Ashley K. (8/4/2022 6:49 PM)

by James P. (8/4/2022 9:09 AM)

by Sandy G. (8/1/2022 7:44 PM)

by Sandy G. (8/1/2022 7:44 PM)

by Evan L. (8/1/2022 6:41 PM)

I’ve been seeing Dr Dave for years and she is a wonderful dentist!

by Alisa L. (8/1/2022 6:39 PM)

Great service, thank you!!

by Richard W. (8/1/2022 6:35 PM)

by Rajen M. (7/28/2022 10:16 AM)


by Norma C. (7/27/2022 3:47 PM)

Very professional and Competent.

by Mark E. (7/26/2022 8:44 PM)

by Patricia M. (7/25/2022 7:27 PM)