One of the things we are most proud of is the kind comments our patients have made about us. We strive to exceed patient expectations, and it's always nice to hear when we have succeeded.

Everything went well! Painless and test are back in good shape. Great staff.

by Michael R. (8/11/2022 8:00 PM)

Always great and professional !

by Emilio C. (8/11/2022 10:03 AM)

Great dentist. Great practice. Caring and efficient. She’s the best.

by Deborah G. (8/10/2022 7:40 PM)

Dr Davi is excellent. I don't know that I've met a more professional dentist who instills confidence in my life.

by Mark E. (8/9/2022 8:28 PM)

as usual fast efficient pleasant

by James C. (8/9/2022 8:50 AM)

by David M. (8/8/2022 7:07 PM)

by Roseanne B. (8/8/2022 6:31 PM)

by Ivaylo D. (8/8/2022 11:00 AM)

by Ivaylo D. (8/8/2022 11:00 AM)

She’s the best.

by Deborah G. (8/4/2022 8:23 PM)

Dr Dave and her office staff are truly involved in their patients’ health. They cut no corners and work with you for the best possible outcome. It is a joy to go to the dentist when you go to Dr Dave!

by Inga L. (8/4/2022 7:32 PM)

by Ashley K. (8/4/2022 6:49 PM)

by James P. (8/4/2022 9:09 AM)

by Sandy G. (8/1/2022 7:44 PM)

by Sandy G. (8/1/2022 7:44 PM)

by Evan L. (8/1/2022 6:41 PM)

I’ve been seeing Dr Dave for years and she is a wonderful dentist!

by Alisa L. (8/1/2022 6:39 PM)

Great service, thank you!!

by Richard W. (8/1/2022 6:35 PM)

by Rajen M. (7/28/2022 10:16 AM)


by Norma C. (7/27/2022 3:47 PM)

Very professional and Competent.

by Mark E. (7/26/2022 8:44 PM)

by Patricia M. (7/25/2022 7:27 PM)

by Patricia M. (7/25/2022 7:27 PM)

Great dentist! Very skilled and exact! Clean office and professional staff. Highly recommend.

by Mary P. (7/25/2022 6:40 PM)

Great job

by Arash V. (7/21/2022 6:31 PM)

Great job

by Arash V. (7/21/2022 6:31 PM)

by Eric M. (7/21/2022 4:01 PM)

They got me into the office quick, listened to and answered all my questions, service was quick, and the front office staff is very polite and professional.

by Devin V. (7/21/2022 9:43 AM)

I was able to get an emergency appointment the same day and Dr. Davi was very kind and helpful.

by Pamela L. (7/20/2022 6:38 PM)

by Kimberly S. (7/20/2022 6:32 PM)


by Rita K. (7/20/2022 9:01 AM)

As usual, my visit was great. My teeth are clean and very happy! Thank you!!

by Jori C. (7/19/2022 7:53 AM)

by Lee R. (7/18/2022 10:21 PM)

I get very nervous at the dentist but feel very taken care of here. So glad to have found her!

by Deborah G. (7/18/2022 6:42 PM)

Dr Dave is professional, competent & caring… the perfect trio for one’s dentist.

by Sharon B. (7/18/2022 6:35 PM)

by Vanessa S. (7/14/2022 7:38 PM)

by Vanessa S. (7/14/2022 7:38 PM)

by Shirley S. (7/12/2022 8:51 PM)

by Steve D. (7/12/2022 7:44 PM)


by Rajayalakshmi S. (7/12/2022 6:47 PM)

Excellent dentist, very helpful and great with patients. Would recommend to anyone.

by Thomas S. (7/12/2022 6:36 PM)

by Narayan O. (6/29/2022 8:14 PM)

I have been going to Dr. Dave for over 20 years. She is an amazing dentist and her staff is great. Anytime I have an issue with my mouth...she provides suggestions that work! I always see an improvement in my dental care when I follow her advice!

by Denise H. (6/29/2022 8:01 PM)


by Brian K. (6/29/2022 7:19 PM)

by Sheila H. (6/29/2022 6:31 PM)

by Raygar K. (6/29/2022 6:31 PM)

Great!! Got my retainers and good to go!! Dr. Dave' and Claudia been taking care of me for along time!

by Harry S. (6/29/2022 12:05 AM)

by Hazel V E. (6/28/2022 7:23 PM)

by Robert R. (6/22/2022 8:00 PM)

I would give it six stars if I could - Ashok Dave

by Nihar D. (6/21/2022 6:32 PM)

by Derek H. (6/15/2022 6:34 PM)

by Michael W. (6/15/2022 6:32 PM)

Dr. Dave is the best!

by Roxanna W. (6/14/2022 6:55 PM)

by Pamela L. (6/14/2022 6:31 PM)


by Harry S. (6/14/2022 4:57 AM)

by Dennis O. (6/13/2022 7:35 PM)

by Mary Jane B. (6/13/2022 6:39 PM)

Great dentist and staff!

by Leon D. (6/11/2022 3:46 PM)

Claudia, Q and Dr. Dave' replaced three caps on my teeth. Perfect!! Maria in the office took care of the rest!!

by Harry S. (6/10/2022 5:13 AM)

by Ameet S. (6/9/2022 6:49 PM)

Dr Dave is wonderful

by Patricia R. (6/9/2022 6:31 PM)

by Ashok D. (6/9/2022 9:54 AM)

by Ankit S. (6/9/2022 9:25 AM)

by Patricia P. (6/9/2022 7:19 AM)

by Heather L. (6/8/2022 7:18 PM)

The doctor and her staff are professional, thorough and personable. I had another great appointment today

by Norman M. (6/7/2022 6:49 PM)

by Brenda B. (6/6/2022 7:45 PM)

Awesome dentist and staff!!!

by Sheri L. (6/6/2022 6:31 PM)

always great!!

by Harry S. (6/1/2022 7:00 AM)

by Hazel V E. (5/31/2022 8:38 PM)

I appreciate having Dr Dave telling telling me something straight up in one breath and sharing a joke the next. Just a great dentist, who wants the best for her clients. I am so lucky.

by Mark B. (5/31/2022 6:43 PM)

by Eric M. (5/27/2022 1:57 PM)

by Rochelle L. (5/27/2022 10:16 AM)

Very kind, generous, and took good care of my teeth????

by Adyson U. (5/26/2022 6:34 PM)

Claudia, Q and Doctor Dave' replaced three caps and repaired some bad dential work from a previous dentist years before. They will make it right for you because they care!

by Harry S. (5/26/2022 7:18 AM)

by Derek H. (5/25/2022 6:53 PM)

by Gita R. (5/24/2022 6:33 PM)

As always, everything was great!

by Cynthia W. (5/24/2022 12:53 PM)

Great work as always!

by Amanda D. (5/23/2022 9:20 PM)

by Gary K. (5/23/2022 6:39 PM)

Staff is great and Dr. Dave is the best

by Matthew L. (5/19/2022 6:58 PM)

by Hemali K. (5/19/2022 10:27 AM)

this place is great. the staff are on point. very nice office and great atmosphere. Dr Dave is awesome. Glad I found this place and they are in my network on my insurance. you need some dental work done ? go seeDr Dave.

by Saturnino D. (5/18/2022 7:03 PM)

by Lisa L. (5/17/2022 7:37 AM)

Great referral for a root canal, always looking for out my family and me!! Same day too!

by Harry S. (5/16/2022 11:30 PM)

by Stephanie M. (5/16/2022 8:52 PM)

by Eric M. (5/15/2022 8:53 AM)


by Harry S. (5/12/2022 1:45 AM)

by Deborah M. (5/11/2022 12:33 PM)

Dr. Davé is an amazing dentist! I needed to have previous dental work from a different dentist fixed, and Dr. Davé did an incredible job fixing the problem. She is incredibly skilled and is always transparent with what procedures need to be done. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking dental care!

by Jeremy B. (5/11/2022 8:38 AM)

by Cortney S. (5/10/2022 7:45 PM)

Great job

by Arash V. (5/10/2022 7:00 PM)

by Donna P. (5/10/2022 6:54 PM)

Dr Urvi Dave is great. So glad we found her here in moon valley.

by Bret C. (5/10/2022 3:46 AM)

Dr. Dave is the best! I’ve been going to her for 30 years!

by Jacquelyn S. (5/5/2022 6:44 PM)

Dr. Dave is the best! I’ve been going to her for 30 years!

by Jacquelyn S. (5/5/2022 6:44 PM)

Great dentist!!

by Carla T. (5/4/2022 9:09 PM)

I am extremely pleased at the quality of dental I am receiving from Dr. Dave

by Kalluri S. (4/28/2022 6:50 AM)

by Tamarah C. (4/27/2022 6:31 PM)

Dr Davi is excellent

by Emilio C. (4/27/2022 3:00 PM)